Early Life

Kilgore's senior yearbook photo above, and quote below.

Thomas McTighe Kilgore was born on November 23, 1920, to Alex and Elizabeth Kilgore whose maiden name was Owens. He completed all four years of high school and was 19 years old when the war began and was recently out of high school. Kilgore attended Greensburg High School until 1938. He lived on 115 Park St in Greensburg, Pa until he enlisted.

The Kilgore's are pictured on the 1940 census on lines 17-21

The population of Greensburg in 1940 was approximately 16,743 people. Kilgore had an older sister by the name of Sarah E Kilgore who was 7 years older than himself, and an older brother whose name was Alex F Kilgore and was 1 year older than Kilgore. Kilgore’s father, Alex, was employed as a trimmer, and his mother stayed with the children at home.

Before Kilgore enlisted, the US declared war on Japan for the Pearl Harbor Bombing

 Kilgore had multiple jobs, including apprenticeship at a lighting company, and at time of enlistment was employed in, “Machine shop and related occupations”. Kilgore married Ruth Virginia Crago on April 25, 1942, in Winchester, Virginia just 3 months and 2 days before he enlisted. Kilgore enlisted at age 21 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Kilgore and Crago's marriage certificate

Elena Rasmussen

Carlisle High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Mr. Wagner


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