State Homefront

Westmoreland county, where Kilgore was born and enlisted.

The town of Greensburg, where Kilgore was born.

A 1940 map of the Pennsylvania military bases.

In Pennsylvania there are 4 military bases, two Army bases, and two Navy bases. There are three Army Base Depots, and the Army War College on Carlisle Barracks. The Navy operates Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove and NSA Mechanicsburg as of 2022.

Servicewomen send Christmas gifts to family overseas.

As one of the largest producers of steel, Pennsylvania was a major contributor to the war effort. At the height of its production, Pennsylvania produced one third of the US steel supply.  Other contributions were made at home, such as Victory Gardens and rationing. People of all ages collected scraps of metal, tin, rubber, and even paper to support the war effort. These scraps helped keep manufacturers in business, and keep production up.

A man pulls waste paper out of the hydro pulper to be recycled.

Elena Rasmussen

Carlisle High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Mr. Wagner